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Do Guys Have Intuition?
by Joseph Eliezer on June 25th, 2013
When it comes to intuition in the North American culture, female intuition seems  to dominate the conversation. Is it fair? What about men? Is male intuition the same as female intuition? How does it work? As a guest blogger for the Love Engineer website, I explore the reasons for the cultural preference for female intuition and talk about whether guys have intuition and why. What do you think? Ha...  Read More
The Wife Always Knows: Myth or Truth? The Work of Intuition in Relationships
by Joseph Eliezer on June 17th, 2013
The power of female intuition has reached an axiomatic status in our culture. Is there any truth behind the assertion that "the wife always knows"? As a guest blogger for the Love Engineer website, I explore whether female intuition exists, how it works, what role the brain plays and how we can improve our relationship to our intuition. What about you? Have you seen intuition ruin or save marriage...  Read More
Reflections on Children and Intuition
by Joseph Eliezer on December 11th, 2011
Sometimes, inspiration arrives at odd times and under peculiar circumstances. Watching a disagreeable movie that featured a kid with an imaginary friend the other night, as an example, directed the flow of my thoughts towards the topic of children and intuition. It got me out of the movie theatre and inspired me to write this exploratory article.Intuition has long been a subject of a particular in...  Read More