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In many ways, [Simply Spirit] reminded me of Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet ... Its message too is both timely and timeless and befits an age where spiritual clarity is beckoned for.
— Robert Pereira, MD
Just when I thought I had seen it all, read it all and heard it all in the realm of spiritual literature, I came across Simply Spirit by Joseph Eliezer. Unapologetic and edgy, yet deeply comforting and inspiring, this book jolted me into a whole new level of consciousness. I love it here.

— Liora Steiman, MD, MEd in Couns. Psych., Therapist
Simply Spirit reminds me of the valuable practice and style of the existentialists like Irvin Yalom.

— Dr. M. Hajiazim, Psychiatrist
I found myself taking frequent breaks to contemplate, reflect and journal on the thought-provoking words of Joseph Eliezer. I could hear and feel his soul through his loving and non-judgmental words. I found myself questioning the very essence of my being and just how and who to “be” in
the world. This book strengthens reflect upon often as I continue along my spiritual journey.

— Jivi Khehra, TV Host of Winds of Change with Jivi.

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Gabriel Hayward - February 11th, 2018 at 1:23am

Simply spirit is a true work of art of and for the Soul . I am excited to have a front row seat for that moment where Joseph finds himself a house hold name ....Best seller and globally recognized as the forefront of intuition enhanced psychotherapy ..Joseph is true amabassidor to humanity . The public speaking , his writing and his pinicale level of what he brings to the table as a practitioner ..I have read the book numerous times and it always leaves me with spellbound glory, as I am reminded of how infinitly diverse the spectrum of spirit truly is ..I have been a client of Joseph's well over fifty times over a 2o year span ..The work I accomplished while sitting accross from Joseph , and the level at which he met me , Trully remarkable .You simply couldn't ask more of a practitioner and as human being..I often remark when reminded of my sessions with Joseph , as the sponge that cleanes my soul ..Bravo Joseph Eliezer ..My time with him a true gift that empowered me beyond description .