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Fresh spring of warm support

As an avid, "omnivorous" reader, I was thrilled to be given a copy of a newly released book Simply Spirit by Joseph Eliezer.

At first blush, this small book did not appear to be an attention-getter, but rather, a softly presented collection of insights, as offered by a warm, intentional writer. I soon realized that every page was an invitation to sink into thoughtful reflection. At no time did I feel I was being patronized, but rather was being encouraged to bring my own thought processes to bear on my personal journey.

My two copies are picked up and opened randomly. With each re-reading of a passage, a new layer of "ah-has" is brought to mind, and I find myself submerged in a fresh spring of warm support.

— MJA, retired teacher. Amazon review.
Truly Simply Spirit

Easy to read, easy to understand, and yet there is nothing easy about this book. It'd hit me hard and then comfort me only to hit me again... If you want something to think about deeply, then buy this book. If you want a quick scan through, then don't bother - you'll miss the essence.

— Reader. Amazon review.
Simply wonderful

This was simply wonderful for the Spiritual primer to be read by all. A guide to life and wisdom!

— Marie. Amazon review.
SIMPLY SPIRIT is an easy to read awesome book. I LOVE IT!! I love to read books on spirituality but this is by far my favourite. It is packed with wisdom and the insights keep you glued to the book and the next page. It is also very entertaining. A great delight! I can't wait for the next book.

— review
A very needed book to remind us all how to align ourselves with our best selves and our destinies and live our lives with dignity. The format makes the book so incredibly accessible, yet each page made me stop and reflect deeply on my own values and believes and check in with myself on what I hold dear to my heart. I noticed I was breathing easier after reading it. A great gift.

— Google Books review.

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