As a professional counsellor, Joseph is bound by the Code of Ethics of the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association. All information is kept strictly confidential and is released to third parties only with your consent.

There are, however, some exceptions to confidentiality. Joseph is bound by law to disregard confidentiality and contact authorities if:

1. You disclose that a minor is in danger (for example a child who is being abused physically and/or sexually);

2. You indicate that you have clear and specific plans to harm yourself or another person;

3. You indicate that you are endangering others with a communicable disease (e.g., practising unsafe sex while carrying HIV);

4. You are impaired by drugs, alcohol or due to a medical condition AND you choose to drive a motor vehicle.

In addition, in BC, a counsellor and counsellor's notes may be subpoenaed by the court.

On occasion, Joseph may consult with his colleagues, who are also bound by confidentiality.

Each client will need to sign an Informed Consent form prior to his or her first session with Joseph.

If you have questions in regards to confidentiality, please do not hesitate to contact Joseph for clarification.